Pecan Flooring

Pecan FlooringPecan has a pale brown sapwood and the heartwood is a reddish-brown in color. Straight grained (with some irregular grain patterns) with a coarse texture. Pecan has a very minimal odor so is often used in rooms where people want a wood floor without the odor. A very hard wood that prefers to be glued or screwed down rather than being nailed.

Pecan Natural
Pecan Natural

Solid Pecan Flooring Specifications

  • Widths: 3" - 12"
  • Thickness: 3/4" or 7/8"
  • Standard Lengths: 1.5' - 12'
  • Long Lengths: 4' - 16'
  • Janka Hardness: 1820

Antique / Vintage Wood Flooring Styles

  • Hand Scraped
  • Wire Brushed
  • Hit or Miss

Finish Coat Options

  • Water Base Poly Finish
  • Tung Oil Finish
  • Hard Wax Finish

Color Selection

  • Unlimited color selection, whether it's a lighter or darker color we can custom make it for you, from any hardwood species desired. Please give us a call to request any color tone and service.

Installation Options

Installation Techniques

  • Over Raised Foundation
  • Over Concrete
  • Over Radiant Heating