Reclaimed Parquet Flooring

Reclaimed Brittany Parquet FlooringParquet flooring is an excellent way to add some authentic style to any room.  True reclaimed parquet flooring is becoming more and more difficult to find and this tends to put the price out of site for most budgets. 

An intermediate way for us to provide this authentic parquet flooring at affordable costs is to create them ourselves out of our reclaimed wood.  This allows us to provide any style of parquet flooring you want and still retain the authenticity of the wood by using our reclaimed woods

We can make your Antique Parquet Flooring with any of our species of reclaimed woods that we carry (Oak, European Oak, Chestnut, Douglas Fir, Hickory, Walnut, Maple, Redwood, Cedar or Teak), or even use a combination of different woods to attain the perfect coloring.

For many years we have been manufacturing high end parquet patterns that you will find in famous palaces in Europe and contemporary homes throughout the world.


Classic and Traditional Parquet Styles

Bordeaux Parquet Flooring
Brittany Parquet Flooring
Castle Parquet Flooring
Chevron Fountainbleau Parquet Flooring
Finger Block Parquet Flooring
Finger Block
Gothic Parquet Flooring
Marie Antoinette Parquet Flooring
Marie Antoinette



Reclaimed Floors Unique Parquet Styles

19th Century Parquet
19th Century Parquet

Custom Hardwood Parquet Flooring
Custom Parquets
End Grain Parquet Flooring
End Grain
Herringbone Parquet Flooring
Lana Marseille Parquet Flooring
Louvre Parquet Flooring
Palace Parquet Flooring
Squire Parquet Flooring
Stars Parquet Flooring
Victoria Parquet Flooring
Parquet Patterns Parquet Flooring
Parquet Patterns


Our Parquet Flooring comes in a variety of styles and colors. Wood parquets are made to last a lifetime and they are a good investment for your home. We pay attention to precision and detail in the construction of the reclaimed parquets.

We start from choosing each piece of the material before being assembled to have a better outcome and to have a more excellent end product. We have a passion of making each project unique for our client - from the more rustic style parquet to the new modern styles we can do them all.

If you have already found a parquet pattern that you like, we can create it for you. Just give us a call and send us the pattern or image and we will provide you an estimate.

We can create Parquet Flooring out of any type of wood you require. We will also custom finish it and stain it to your needs so it will make your home feel like it is truly "Your Home".