Antique / Vintage Wood Flooring Styles

The following distressed flooring techniques can be performed on most of our flooring to provide that truly rustic looking floor you've been dreaming of.

Hand Scraped

Hand Scraping your hardwood floor can make it look older than it actually is. This technique gives wooden floors a warn appearance and adds to the authenticity or antiqueness of your wooden floor. We utilize hand scraping methods that have been used by wood craftsmen for centuries. Choose hand scraping when you want your wooden floor to have a more "antique" quality. Hand Scraped floors are also easier to maintain as any fresh nicks or scratches will blend right it with the rest of the floor.

Wire Brushed

Our Wire Brushed technique will provide you with a floor that is less slippery and easier to maintain. By wire brushing the flooring we remove any of the softer wood and leave you with the more durable hardwood that is underneath, making the floor last even longer. Wire brushed floors have a rough, down to earth feeling. This technique is applied when someone wants to add that unique "European" look to their floor.

Hit or Miss (Skip-Planed)

The Hit or Miss technique is done in the planing process when the wood is run through the mill. Using this special teqnique we can provide a wooden floor that looks worn and used right from the beginning. Hit or Miss combined with circular-saw and/or wire brushing techniques will provide that true rustic looking floor you're looking for. We'll make your new floor look antique.