Our Products are vintage reclaimed wood floors.  We go to great
lengths to choose the best for you, our clients, because we know that all
wood floors need very Special Care so they will last for many years.

The wooden structure:

We have a deep desire to give our customers the best wood quality. The life time warranty covers the following types of wood: white oak select, red oak select, hickory select, Walnut select, and Maple select.

Your warranty protection:

If something unlikely happened in one area of your floor, the provisions of this warranty will cover the following:

Walters flooring we’ll repair damaged area at no cost to the original purchaser, using the same product or an equally valued product (claim department 1456 Santa Monica, CA 90401).

In the event of a claim, an original invoice must be provided with all details.  Additionally, Walter’s flooring reserve the right to assign an inspector if necessary to walk threw and analyze any caused damaged; including but not limited to acquiring samples for technical analysis.

Walter's flooring provides necessary instructions for installation and maintenance. Once you follow our professional directions, you will enjoy your beautiful floors and soon realize why we are the best hardwood flooring company; because we’ll be there for you!

Warranty disclaimers:


  • Characteristics in the wood are consider being natural like wood variations; they are not consider defected. Damaged by Natural disasters are excluded by Walter's Flooring's warranty.
  • Natural occurrence such as: age, natural age , natural characters due to the species , wood exposure to light, and uv light are not cover under warranty.
  • Earthquakes including shifting sometimes damage the hardwood floors; these damages are not cover under warranty.
  • Walter’s Flooring is not responsible for any damaged caused by moisture, including humidity.
  • Hardwood installation must be installed or performed according to Walter’s Flooring's instructions.

Warranty exclusions:

  • Hardwood floors are beautiful and wooden floors are natural features characters including but not limited variations of grains to Mineral streaks, small knots,  bigger knots , and such natural features are not considered defects and hence not covered by warranty.
  • Also not covered by warranty is damage caused by the following:  furniture that has no protection in the legs dragged causing damage to floors, damaged cost by sunlight exposure and or ultra violet light resulting in color changes in the expose areas, damage resulting from accident, abuse, wear chemical or industrial products of water, high heels or  heels marks, scratches, indentations,  exposure to extreme heat, water saturation, dryness, and electrical damage. Under ground water damaged causes damage not only to the floors but also surrounding wood structures. This problem occurs in houses with improper drainage system and or with poor ventilation allowing water to go under houses under normal rainy seasons and is not cover by Walters flooring  warranty. Damaged caused  by tornadoes, natural disaster ,flooding, hurricanes excessive rainfall , improper ventilation, are not covered by warranty.
     Walter’s Flooring cannot guaranty any size or grade of hardwood flooring against, cupping, buckling, warping, shrinkage, and termite or beetle infestation.
  • Damage cause by negligence, fire, pebbles, abrasives, sands, pet scratches , improper maintenance, misuse, and failure to follow Walter’s Flooring's instructions for installation and maintenance instructions are not covered by warranty.
  • There are no implied warranties extending beyond the terms of this warranty.  Walter’s Flooring assumes no liability for any loss or damage associated with above incidental or consequential damaged.
  • Warranty is for original buyer and is non transferable.

If you have any questions regarding our warranty please contact us.