Walter's Fine Wood Flooring of Santa Monica, licensed, bonded, and insured for over the twenty years, has been blessed to meet and work with many pleasant customers.  Whether we are working with a single client doing minor repairs to working on several housing projects simultaneously, we at Walters know how to get each job finished beautifully.

Our Clients are Public/Private Companies, commercial residential, well known Celebrities, Movie Directors, Movie Companies, General Contractors, Architectural Firms, top Attorneys, active Designers, restaurants,Hotels and home owners who want new floors, sanding and refinishing, or just a small repair. At Walter’s Flooring all work requests are welcomed and appreciated!


Biscuit company lofts

When we purchased the old Nabisco factory in 2005, little did we know that the entire building was finished with 1" thick maple flooring. The type of milling does not exist these days and the old growth tight grain wood can rarely y be found.

The floor condition however was very bad, years of neglect, heavy industrial use and water leaks took a big toll on the floor and we were debating the viability of restoring 170,000 square feet of floor.

Through a referral of a friend I got to talk to Walter from Walters flooring and once Walter inspected the site he convinced me that his crews can bring the floor to its old glory.

Encouraged by his prediction, I allowed Walter to start the work immediately and I was amazed by the skill and craftsmanship that unveiled in front of my eyes.

Walter's technicians where able to Pull out board without damaging them from areas that did not require hardwood floors and them lace the boards in to damaged areas after proper denailing and treating the boards.

The finish product is stunning as it reveals the beauty of the floor yet fully exposed its vintage from the 1920's.

You are welcome to come and see for yourself, Biscuit company lofts in Downtown Los Angeles