Reclaimed Barn Siding

Reclaimed Barn SidingUsing Reclaimed Barn Siding for your ceiling or walls creates a pleasant rustic look in any room.  Over the years these barn planks have been through it, with the rain, wind, sun, cold and heat have turned these planks into a rustic treasure. We also re-mill and process reclaimed beams, reclaimed flooring and other reclaimed timbers to create some of the finest antique wall sidings and antique ceiling paneling available.

We also carry a large stock of Reclaimed Wood Lumber.




Oak Reclaimed Siding as Ceiling Paneling

Fence Oak Reclaimed Barn Siding

Reclaimed Siding Mix Wood and Color

Douglas Fir Corral Reclaimed Fencing

Aged Grey Reclaimed Pine Siding

Aged Pine Reclaimed Siding White and Red

Pine Reclaimed Grey with Red Knots

Pine Reclaimed Barn Siding

Pine Siding Reclaimed Range of Grey

Red Pine Siding Reclaimed

Reclaimed Chestnut Siding Red

Antique Oak Reclaimed Siding

Pine Siding Reclaimed White Mix Red
Vintage Red and White Faded Barn Siding
Douglas Fir Grey and Rusted Metal Fence


Installation Types

  • Nail Down Installation
  • Glue Down Installation
  • Floating Installation
  • Tongue and Grove
  • Shiplap ceiling, wall, siding
  • Square Edge floors
  • Beveled Edge floors