Environmental Commitment

Reclaimed Old Crow Whiskey Barrel HouseBy reclaiming and reusing wood from old and dying structures throughout the country, it allows us to keep forests greener by reducing the amount of trees that must be cut down to provide new lumber to the world.

If you’re Green minded then reclaimed flooring is the perfect flooring option for you.  Not only will it help you keep your Green commitment but it’ll look exceptional in your home.  It’s a win for you and for the world.

These reclaimed woods were usually created using old growth trees many years ago before the effort of conservation came to light.  Due to conservation efforts throughout the world, the old trees are rarely cut down anymore.  Meaning, much of the premium wood associated with these old growth trees cannot be obtained.  But by reclaiming this wood and lumber from old structures, we can obtain this high quality sought after wood.  And then after re-processing it, we can provide it to you in nearly new condition.

Old growth means a denser wood with growth rings much closer to each other.  These tight growth rings make for a more vibrant and detailed finished floor in your home. When you want the best, reclaimed flooring is what you’re looking for.