Installing Wood Flooring Over a Raised Foundation

To make the hardwood floor installation on plywood subfloors, it is very efficient to consider how wide is the wood floor you are working with. If the hardwood is less than 5 inches. There are many ways to install.

Step 1 Clean the floor with a broom when floor is clean then vacuum the floor. Review and check if the floor is leveled  and make any necessary adjustments to level the floor.
Step 2 Check the walls to see if there straight or not, when figuring out which wall is straight it will serve us as guideline to start the floor installation.
Step 3 Install wood floors on plywood subfloor. There are several methods in which it can be installed most common : glued and nailed
Step 4

Nail Down Hardwood floor Installation 11/2 wide X1/2 thickÔÇť : when this option is to install narrow wood floors: install 15lbs filt paper over plywood is installed and then their respective solid flooring installation,  call Walters flooring for more information.

Installing wooden floor over raised foundation - nail down process