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Solid Hardwood

Model: 32
Australian Cypress is a unique Australian timber with a color and character unlike all others. Though it is a small to medium sized softwood tree, Australian Cypress actually exceeds the hardness of American Oak...
Model: 33
Carbonized Bamboo Flooring implies that the bamboo has been processed with a carbonization process that gives the bamboo a deep rich color. Due to the fact that bamboo is a grass, it is considered a greenmaterial because it is not actually wood...
Model: 34
Natural Bamboo is a member of the grass family and is therefor considered a green material for building purposes. Due to such high demand, bamboo is now being cultivated in sustainable growing environments in many countries where the climate is damp and moist for most of the year (Asia, India, China..
Model: 35
Beech has a reddish brown heartwood with the sapwood being pale white. The grain is usually closed, straight grain with a uniform texture...
Model: 36
Brazilian Cherry is also known as Jatoba. Color ranges from dark orange to reddish brown (over the years the color will darken with age). Brazilian Cherry is one of the most popular exotic hardwoods due to its beauty and strength...
Model: 39
With it's beautiful chocolate color it provides a warm feeling to any room it is installed in. Brazilian Walnut has an incredible durability and will provide you with a quality wooden floor for many years...
Model: 40
With color ranging from cream colored flame with swirls turning from gold to orange highlights on top of a medium brown background with some black stipes througout. Caribbean Rosewood is known for its beauty with the much sought after coloring and its fine grain...
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