After working together with the home owner, we at Walter's Fine Wood Flooring of Santa Monica California carefully selected the right species of wood for the entire house. Since the homeowner wanted something different, formal, beautiful, and tasteful, we at Walter's designed a dramatic and spectacular entrance/foyer pattern connecting into the hallway and living room fitting the style of the entire house. Subsequent to the selection of the hardwood flooring,color was carefully selected.  The process of selecting the right color for any type of house from Contemporary to Mediterranean is very important, and we are proud to say that we are the best in helping our customers select this right color!

We at Walter's started the entire constructional process by firstly manufacturing the wood for the entire house. Secondly, we sculptured the hardwood by hand creating a product characterized by old style handcraft using old tone wood lightly wire brushed. This process and classic style is highly appreciated by our customers indeed!  Prior to the wood flooring installation, the proper subfloor, plywood, is installed throughout the entire home. Then subsequent to the installation of the hardwood flooring, sanding, custom color, and finish is lastly applied. This careful process resulted in a much more beautiful color and grain than expected, leaving everyone so happy including Walter himself!