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Engineered Euopean Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Model: 413
Original colors combined with modern design, our Engineered European Oak Platinum Brown offers a combination of rustic platinum with a slight shade of brown to give a warm cozy feeling to the room...
Model: 414
If a clean living space without all the color distraction from the floor or ceiling is something you're looking for then our Engineered Euro Oak Sterling Grey may be the right flooring for you.  This allows your colorful paintings and photos that are on the walls to really stand out as the centerpie..
Model: 415
For those who love the old school feel of real hardwood our Engineered Mixed Oak Medium Brown allows you to have that truly authentic wooden flooring that brings the feeling of the forest right into your home...
Model: 359
Oak Reclaimed Euro Dark Grey Sky Custom Finish Engineered..
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