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Engineered Reclaimed Flooring

Model: 417
When you wish your home to have that warm feeling of an old cabin in the woods this is the flooring for you.  Taken from reclaimed structures our Reclaimed Engineered Douglas Fir Old Cabin flooring maintains as much of the natural characteristics of the wood as it can.  From the growth marks and gra..
Model: 418
Giving you a combination of tan, brown, and creamy effect, our Reclaimed Engineered Douglas Fir Two Tone will give you an extra depth to your floor that you're looking for...
Model: 416
If you've ever been in one of those old cabins where the flooring looks so authentic because it's been there so long and has been worn to the point it's almost black then you'll recognize our Engineered Reclaimed Douglas Fir Bat Grey flooring.  Taken from reclaimed barns, old sheds, and old wooden b..
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