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Engineered Fine Floors Victoria Design

Model: 93
Australian Cypress is a unique Australian timber with a color and character unlike all others. Though it is a small to medium sized softwood tree, Australian Cypress actually exceeds the hardness of American Oak...
Model: 97
Brazilian Cherry is also known as Jatoba. Color ranges from dark orange to reddish brown (over the years the color will darken with age). Brazilian Cherry is one of the most popular exotic hardwoods due to its beauty and strength...
Model: 99
Also known as Southern Chestnut, Brazilian Teak\\\\\\\'s color ranges from light to dark brown. With it\\\\\\\'s exotic look it provides an exotic feel to any room it is installed to. Brazilian Teak is also extremely durable...
Model: 100
With it's beautiful chocolate color it provides a warm feeling to any room it is installed in. Brazilian Walnut has an incredible durability and will provide you with a quality wooden floor for many years...
Model: 101
With color ranging from cream colored flame with swirls turning from gold to orange highlights on top of a medium brown background with some black stipes througout. Caribbean Rosewood is known for its beauty with the much sought after coloring and its fine grain...
Model: 103
Cherry Distressed Flooring is a cherry wood flooring that has had Antique / Vintage Wood Flooring Styles applied to the flooring material...
Model: 104
Cherry can be polished to a deep, glowing red color. This attribute made it a favorite wood for early furniture makers. Now being used more and more for flooring because of its lustrous appearance, the warmth of the appearance of cherry wood make it a favorite for flooring when someone wants that ad..
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